Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Having fun, Ahmmy

Some little voice in my head whispers "remember this" as I become light headed from blowing bubbles for Monkey in the bath tub. She holds one gently perched on her outstretched palm as she uses her other hand to swiftly crush every other globe coming within range. Transparent domes girth her pale belly as she giggles, her arm and neck stretched up as she reaches.
The same voice whispers as she walks up to me masking her face with a cardboard from a recent delivery. From behind the partition she knocks. To our combined delight when I "open" the cardboard door her beaming face is framed by a bevelled brown rectangle. "Hello!" I exclaim. "How are you?"
"Having fun, Ahmmy" she replies thoughtfully.
She was recently given a baby doll which she has dubbed Sooshish, the first given name that has stuck for more than a day.
When given a piece of paper and a crayon she commissions works from me instead of drawing her own.
"I waaaant.....hamburgers and apple trees" she declares.
"Really? Are you sure?"
"Yes...please" is her steadfast reply.
Remember this, the voice whispers. And I do.

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