Friday, September 26, 2008

Yay love!

So the friend I was talking about last post (this one) has awarded me the prestigious "I(heart) Your Blog" award. After my "existential muddling" post she sent me a note saying she liked my blog just the way it was. Friends are awesome, dontcha think?

This is a share-the-love kind of thing so I am asked to offer this award to 7 other bloggers I enjoy. Upon looking in my favourites list I realize that I, yet again, am stepping outside the rules. Some of my most frequented sites have little to no words at all! So here is my list despite the fact that it does not precisely fit the expected form.

Knit and Tonic
Skonen Blades' Photos
The AntiCraft
Kreddible Trout's Photos
Claire Land
Brain Goo

Some are craft based. Some are sites of "outerspace" freinds (by which I mean freinds in the real world I knew before the internet "inner space" thing got involved). All smart and often fun folks and sites in my opinion and worth getting outside your comfort zone to have a gander at. I have not included "She Read And Reads" because she is linked at the top and got an award already so she knows she rocks. (I think you rock Avis, in case you didn't know).

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avisannschild said...

Yay love indeed! I'll have to check out the folks you linked to!