Saturday, October 11, 2008

Famous Figures from the 80's - Where are they now?

Monkey came over with a Han Solo doll and a Rebel fighter pilot doll. She handed me Han Solo and said.
"Here, Ahmmy. Take the man."
To which I replied "That's Han Solo."
"Han Solo?" she asked
"Yes" I said.
So I took Han Solo and she held the Rebel fighter.
"Hello Han Solo" said Monkey's doll.
"Hello Rebel fighter" said Han. " How are you?"
"I sad" replied the Rebel fighter, bending low at the waist.
"Oh no" Han responded with concern. "Would you like a hug?"
Han Solo bent to give the fighter a hug.
"Is that better" he asked.
"Yes" said the fighter with relief. "Come on, Han Solo! Lets go see Farmer John."
At this time Han Solo, the Rebel fighter and their two human appendages went off to find Farmer John at the barn but instead they found Teela, He-man's Warrior Goddess friend. Teela, Han Solo and the Rebel fighter discussed many things such as where the farmer might be, whether or not the fighter was stuck and needing help, why Han Solo was sleeping and other important subjects.

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