Sunday, November 16, 2008

Surfing the main course

I feel as though I have spent the whole day surfing. It was fun, loud, strenuous, and satisfying but now I am exhausted and sun burnt. I long for my bed. In reality I have not been surfing- it being November, in Canada, no where near a coast, surfing is not an option. But I have been on quite a ride all the same. 18 members of my family descended on our home (at our invitation) for supper. It was a week in the planning and two days in the execution (if you included prep cooking). 12 adults and 6 children under 10 years of age. To our credit the food was tasty and everyone left happy. But our nerves were quite frayed by the end of the night...which is to bed and no more 18 person meals for at least 6 months. Perhaps only once a year...if bed.

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avisannschild said...

Waah, how did I miss the photo the first time I read this post?!? You wacky girl!