Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's a machine!

There are days when the Dollar store is the best thing ever, days when even the garbage you throw away from the purchase lightens your mood. Today is that day for us. Around here a toy for under two dollars that makes the Monkey squeal with maniacal laughter for a solid ten minutes does two things; makes you feel less guilty for buying yet another toy that she doesn't need and makes you wonder if she will ever stop laughing like an evil genius (yikes!).

I just have to share this with you folks. Who doesn't love a toy with kids on the packaging with bugged out eyes saying "It's a MACHINE!" as they gaze in horror/disbelief/desire at the monster spewing bubbles from it's toothy maw? Check it out (I had to tape it back together after it had been opened in order to scan it).
But the warning on the back is by far the best part. When My Dear read this to me in the car I thought he was making it up, because he does that. In case the writing is illegible it reads "Bubbelor is a gentle monster machine. He likes making bubbles outside on sunny days. Don't drink his bubble liquid! Bubbelor will get very angry."

Check out the bolts of lightening! Are you having flashbacks of Ren and Stimpy too? It's Log and Powdered Toast Man all rolled into one plus a little je ne sa quoi.

What's even better is that the toy itself (which looks nothing like the picture, really) works and is a huge hit.

Ah Dollar store, how we appreciate thee for your tiny miracles.

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Sharmycakes said...

Hey! I bought this last year for a friend's birthday (we got him SC2 and filled the box with random dollar store items), and it was awesome! Although Bubbelor no longer blows bubbles, he still makes a pleasant 100 Db whirring noise. Does yours still work?

Also, I may include a post on my blog about Bubbelor (we bought a new one yesterday!!!). I'll try to capture some video for you of someone drinking Bubbelor's bubble liquid. I've always wanted to see Bubbelor get very angry! LOL

If you're interested, it'll be available on:

Awesome post on dollar store finds! Keep it up!