Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Attacked by my own brain

I just woke up from a really sucky dream. In this dream J, M and I went to visit a cousin of J's who lived out in the boonies somewhere. It was a farm of mainly mud with an aluminum siding three story tower with few windows where this cousin and a few other people lived. Surrounding the farm was beautiful rolling hills, forest and farther off was the ocean but the farm it self was a dump. This cousin looked like Grizzly Adams and was talkative and jovial, cracking jokes and slapping backs. He and I started right away having discussions about religion, marriage, roles in society, morals and what not. I expressed my views, which are the same as they would be in my waking life, and he took it all in asking more and more questions. Finally one day when J was out somewhere this cousin starts in on me about how morally corrupt I am, how I should be married, how I will taint M with my sinfulness and how I'm a devil woman. He's all matter-of-fact about it and even smiling that smile that people get when they are shitting on you calmly. Then when J gets back the cousin is all jovial and light conversation again. J doesnt take my complaints seriously because he sees no sign of crazy in his cousin so I have to suffer through several more days of this religious badgering. I kept waking up and when I would drift back to sleep there he would be again telling me I was going to burn in hell. What fun.
In other news Marie had her baby yesterday afternoon. 7lbs and healthy...and a boy. Number four. I'm going to visit today. Wish I had dreamed about that.

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