Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Okay, let's test drive this sucker.

So at the moment this is for the benefit of S&S in Vancouver but if my attention span actually holds out this might come in handy to keep folks afar up to date. Because, as some already know, I am notoriously bad at regular phone calls and leave out key pieces of news even when I do call. Geez, for a self professed ludite I sure am getting ensnared in this new fangled inter-web thingy.
Okay, some news...Well there was a shooting spree at Dawson College today. I wasn't any where near the area but we got a call from J's dad just checking to make sure we were alright. The exact circumstances are still unconfirmed but it seems a guy walked into the place and just started firing. Shades of the Polytechnique those many years ago. I expect I will be translating the text on an item about it for the APTN in the coming days. The thing I am left thinking is, how does it get this bad? People going out and trying to kill folks they have never even met?
But on a lighter note I visited V to help him get a little organisation into his home - and boy could he use just a little! I was there four hours and we managed to put up two shelves. His monumental ability to procrastinate and get side tracked may drive others mad- I find it charming. That's probably why he called me. I will probably go back this week end to put up another two shelves and really get him on his way.
Well, I geuss that's a good start. Tootles.

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