Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Attacked by my own brain

I just woke up from a really sucky dream. In this dream J, M and I went to visit a cousin of J's who lived out in the boonies somewhere. It was a farm of mainly mud with an aluminum siding three story tower with few windows where this cousin and a few other people lived. Surrounding the farm was beautiful rolling hills, forest and farther off was the ocean but the farm it self was a dump. This cousin looked like Grizzly Adams and was talkative and jovial, cracking jokes and slapping backs. He and I started right away having discussions about religion, marriage, roles in society, morals and what not. I expressed my views, which are the same as they would be in my waking life, and he took it all in asking more and more questions. Finally one day when J was out somewhere this cousin starts in on me about how morally corrupt I am, how I should be married, how I will taint M with my sinfulness and how I'm a devil woman. He's all matter-of-fact about it and even smiling that smile that people get when they are shitting on you calmly. Then when J gets back the cousin is all jovial and light conversation again. J doesnt take my complaints seriously because he sees no sign of crazy in his cousin so I have to suffer through several more days of this religious badgering. I kept waking up and when I would drift back to sleep there he would be again telling me I was going to burn in hell. What fun.
In other news Marie had her baby yesterday afternoon. 7lbs and healthy...and a boy. Number four. I'm going to visit today. Wish I had dreamed about that.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

About the monkey

Here is an update about M. I have been documenting some things on the 30 second movie feature of the camera, things like her skoochy crawl, her crab walk around the coffee table and her Godzilla impersonation where she knocks over an unsuspecting block village all the while saying "Raaaaahhhh!!!!". I will no doubt compile these events into volume two of "Things To Know..." She visited with her two friends this passed week and did a little social interacting. Its good for her to learn how to be around others her age.
Well she's trying to wander off so I should do the same.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Okay, let's test drive this sucker.

So at the moment this is for the benefit of S&S in Vancouver but if my attention span actually holds out this might come in handy to keep folks afar up to date. Because, as some already know, I am notoriously bad at regular phone calls and leave out key pieces of news even when I do call. Geez, for a self professed ludite I sure am getting ensnared in this new fangled inter-web thingy.
Okay, some news...Well there was a shooting spree at Dawson College today. I wasn't any where near the area but we got a call from J's dad just checking to make sure we were alright. The exact circumstances are still unconfirmed but it seems a guy walked into the place and just started firing. Shades of the Polytechnique those many years ago. I expect I will be translating the text on an item about it for the APTN in the coming days. The thing I am left thinking is, how does it get this bad? People going out and trying to kill folks they have never even met?
But on a lighter note I visited V to help him get a little organisation into his home - and boy could he use just a little! I was there four hours and we managed to put up two shelves. His monumental ability to procrastinate and get side tracked may drive others mad- I find it charming. That's probably why he called me. I will probably go back this week end to put up another two shelves and really get him on his way.
Well, I geuss that's a good start. Tootles.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shock and dismay

I had no intention of getting a blog, I just wanted to leave a comment on my friends blog. And now look. I'm a blogger. Imagine