Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Before You Grow Up

So I was in the bookstore recently and I picked up this book for a friend of mine.It is called 365 Things to Do Before You Grow Up. He is a dear, fine fellow who is probably at his best when he is reveling in the silly, nonsensical or the simple. By simple I mean uncomplicated. So I bought this book for him to help him remember not to take life too seriously and to make a point of  enjoying life's indefinable loveliness.
Well, I got the book home and realised I wanted to do the list. The 365 things, I wanted to do them all. And I wanted others to join me and have fun with the project too. I have mentioned it to a few people, including my dear, fine freind, and got some positive responses.
I decided it would be nice to start it on my birthday which is this weekend. Wisely MyDear suggested I do one item a week rather that one a day so as not to drive myself mad. That's why I keep him around. He is wise like that.
The first item on the list is celebrate another culture's holiday. Well I hunted around and found that my birthday falls on the Algonquin Strawberry Moon. It is the full moon marking the relatively short wild strawberry season. It is/was believed by the Algonquins that harvesting under the full moon was best to ensure a good crop for the following year.
So I have decided to go strawberry picking on my birthday. I do not know any songs or dances or traditional food (apart from strawberries perhaps) that would traditionally celebrate the Full Strawberry Moon and I dont think I can pick berries in the middle of the night but I can go out and gather strawberries, bring them home and mark the day. So I will.
If you, fine reader, would like to join in my 365 weeks of fun please visit the Facebook Group I have made for the purpose. Just click on the word participate

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gaiman's House

This place is so enormous I have not seen it's edges
I don't believe I have visited the same room twice
Some rooms are filled with light
But most have shadows
     comforting shadows
          chilling shadows
         and wet shadows that cling
Some rooms are damp Grimm forests
Some are deserts with demons and wolves
Some are so cramped I can fit only my fingers over the doorsill
Some rooms are ordinary sitting rooms and kitchens that keep a gentle space
      waiting for my lover, my children, my animals and myself
Some rooms are so silent my breath shatters them and they are gone forever
This room is quiet but not so fragile
This room has great wide windows that look out onto the garden
This room holds my pen and paper

Monday, June 07, 2010

New Original Knitting Pattern

Friar Tuck found himself with idle hands while thinking up new recipes for venison or hare and turning a blind eye to the flagrant breaking of the commandment "thou shalt not steal." So he knit up one of these for each of the green clad gents. Robin Hood and his Merry Men had to endure more than a few damp nights in Sherwood Forest and verily were grateful for the garment.

This is what can happen when MyDear says "wouldn't it be cool if..."

A medieval style men’s hooded garment inspired by Robin Hood. It uses seed stitch, shoulder shaping and short rows.

A great big thank you to Molly Anne Rothchilde @ Ariadne Knits who helped make the idea a reality.

If you want to see other pictures and/or buy the pattern to knit for yourself or a fella you like click here.