Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Having fun, Ahmmy

Some little voice in my head whispers "remember this" as I become light headed from blowing bubbles for Monkey in the bath tub. She holds one gently perched on her outstretched palm as she uses her other hand to swiftly crush every other globe coming within range. Transparent domes girth her pale belly as she giggles, her arm and neck stretched up as she reaches.
The same voice whispers as she walks up to me masking her face with a cardboard from a recent delivery. From behind the partition she knocks. To our combined delight when I "open" the cardboard door her beaming face is framed by a bevelled brown rectangle. "Hello!" I exclaim. "How are you?"
"Having fun, Ahmmy" she replies thoughtfully.
She was recently given a baby doll which she has dubbed Sooshish, the first given name that has stuck for more than a day.
When given a piece of paper and a crayon she commissions works from me instead of drawing her own.
"I waaaant.....hamburgers and apple trees" she declares.
"Really? Are you sure?"
"Yes...please" is her steadfast reply.
Remember this, the voice whispers. And I do.

Friday, August 08, 2008


I was sure I was doing everything right. I went to the fall registration orientation and the next day got up early (first day of registration) to go talk to an academic adviser to be sure there was nothing I should know that I didn't. I told the fella all the classes I wanted to take. He said it all sounded great. He asked if I wanted to register there with him. I said I still had some schedule details to work out so, unless he thought I shouldn't, I was going to register online later in the day. He said that was fine and if I had any difficulty or questions to give him a call.
Then I got home, worked out my schedule and started to the registration process. There was one class (English 212) I had been unable to register for the semester before because I had been too slow so it was my first priority this time. I punch in the numbers and...
I call my academic adviser, the secretary tells me she will get him to call me.
2 DAYS later he calls me all "hey, whats up?" and I'm all "I tried to register, blah blah blah" and he's all "ya that class ALWAYS fills up fast" And I'm all "you could have TOLD me that when I was sitting in your office at 9 am on the first day" And he's all "I don't now everything about every single class" And I'm all "But you just said you know that THIS ONE fills up fast and aren't you PAYED to know this stuff? You're supposed to ADVISE me!"
#@&$ing red tape, bureaucratic, good for nothing, pencil pushing, layabout, no-good-nics! I mean COME ON! I am now 3, count'um THREE, semesters behind in my scholastic plan. And what might have fixed that is a TINY mention of the fact that this is a very popular class and I should get on registering for it right away. IS THAT UNREASONABLE TO ASK FROM AN ADVISER-SOME ADVICE!?
grumble, grumble, snarl, swear...