Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Haiku

mom says at birthdays
the lions share of the day
goes to who birthed you

Now, being a mom I think I am qualified to disagree. I do not want the beam of festivity shined at me on Monkey's special day. I want to continue to bask in Monkey's imperfect unpredictable splendour just like every day. I think it might be nice as an adult to honour that lady who squeezed you out, or reared you, or both, in some way on your birthday but as a kid there is nothing greater than excitedly ushering in a new faze of this marvelous, mostly unexplored life and revelling in the ritual that is YOUR DAY! I would never want to take that away just because I have a scar to proove where she came from. I am happy I borned her and when she understands stuff like that she will likely be happy I borned her too but for now let us all celebrate the wonderful universe that is Monkey.

Happy birthday, baby.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A New Ancient Tradition

I have been writing Haikus. It is a peculiar poetic medium to me, it feels kind of like word hors d'oeuvers. But I have been seeing whether or not this ancient Asian metre can accommodate modern subjects. They write up very fast so now I have this pile of tiny poems and no idea what to do with them. My solution? Blog it! Therefore at semi-regular intervals I will post a haiku. Starting with this one.

computer still on
my eyes dry from over-use
when will I sleep?

Famous Figures from the 80's - Where are they now?

Monkey came over with a Han Solo doll and a Rebel fighter pilot doll. She handed me Han Solo and said.
"Here, Ahmmy. Take the man."
To which I replied "That's Han Solo."
"Han Solo?" she asked
"Yes" I said.
So I took Han Solo and she held the Rebel fighter.
"Hello Han Solo" said Monkey's doll.
"Hello Rebel fighter" said Han. " How are you?"
"I sad" replied the Rebel fighter, bending low at the waist.
"Oh no" Han responded with concern. "Would you like a hug?"
Han Solo bent to give the fighter a hug.
"Is that better" he asked.
"Yes" said the fighter with relief. "Come on, Han Solo! Lets go see Farmer John."
At this time Han Solo, the Rebel fighter and their two human appendages went off to find Farmer John at the barn but instead they found Teela, He-man's Warrior Goddess friend. Teela, Han Solo and the Rebel fighter discussed many things such as where the farmer might be, whether or not the fighter was stuck and needing help, why Han Solo was sleeping and other important subjects.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

CBC Literary Award

Here is an opportunity for every Canadian who secretly or proudly enjoys writing, to step outside their comfort zone, show what mad skillz they have and knock the country's socks off! Here is the CBC Radio writing contest open until November 1rst. Enter a short story, a piece of creative non-fiction or one or more poems. There is an entrance fee used for administrative do-dads but if you win you get a huge cash prize, your writing published in En Route magazine and you likely will be asked on to a CBC radio program to show off those mad prize winning writing skills. If you have some writing hiding in your closet, dust if off and submitt it. You can do so online or by mail. It could not be easier. So plug your nose and jump!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I was getting tired of the black background. It felt a little too moody in that "I write in the dark about dark things and cry in the rain" kind of way. So here is the new face to Bits Of Things.
It took quite a lot of fiddling, to the point that I was messing with the script which I know nothing about. "Whats this do? Ooh that kinda worked. Lets see what happens if I do this?" That kind of thing...might explain why it took so long.
Anyway, tadah!