Saturday, September 18, 2010

The world is flat and I have fallen off it's edge

I have not written here since June, it seems. I have thought of it, the way that one thinks about cleaning the closet or calling a relative that one is not close with. The thought passes. The idea that all this blogging, facebooking, twittering, etc is narcissistic has been coming back to mind. I still maintain that if you use it as a communications tool like all other mediums (like television and radio) it can be useful. I know people who use this medium to share organised, interesting, purposeful content. And if they were to suddenly be on TV or radio they would still be just as engaging. But would I broadcast on channel twelve that my kid said something cute today? Would I go on the radio to rant about cheese or parking meters? Probably not. I am not anyone of note and have no specific interest to focus on therefore what I say holds little relevance for the greater public and it comes down to that - the greater public. This is a public forum and I am broadcasting. But I do not deem what I am broadcasting to be relevant. So I have not posted.
So until I find something relevant to broadcast this channel will go dark.