Saturday, August 25, 2007

Addressing The Internet God

Bless me internet god, for I have sinned. It has been, like, two months since my last confession.
I have thought of posting. An idle thought that skips by as my toddler climbs on top of something tall for the forty second time. A passing consideration as I put the monkey down for a nap that has been two hours in the prepping. The blog idea gets quickly crowded out by the pile of dishes, the laundry, the current knitting project, the floor that needs sweeping (maybe even mopping, don't even go there), the phone ringing, the counting back to when I last had a shower (do I smell?), the picking up of toys, the thoughts of what to make for dinner (should I prep now while I have the peace and quiet?) and the long sighing thought of...just...sitting...down...
So, internet god, I am unrepentant.
Sure I left things on a sour-ish note with the whole death thing but hey, life goes on, right? Not to say I don't think about my two friends who passed this summer. Or about my friend who more recently told me he is on palliative care for cancer. Or about the fact that I haven't worked in almost a month. These things are on my mind but so is watching the last flowers of the season bloom before it all prepares to go below deck for when the snow flies. And watching Monkey laugh as if it is the first time at the movie she has insisted on watching every day for the past month. Watching her dance to Elvis tunes. Taking bike rides. Getting reacquainted with an old friend. Laughing on the phone long distance. Working in fits and spurts on a story idea. Making a christmas list of things I want to make for people I care about. These things have been on my mind too.
Yes, I am unrepentant for living rather than writing about it. But I will try to check in a bit more often.