Thursday, October 19, 2006

The B-day

So it was Monkey's birthday a few days back and we had a whack of people over to bask in her tiny potent splendor. Mostly brothers and their kids but a few friends and even little Z dressed in a gorgeous chinese silk dress were on hand to share in our happiness and being parents to one so cool and smart. I made and decorated a carrot cake that disappeared in WAY less time than it took to make. We officially named Vogon and Marie as godparents or as Trout would say "Soul-daddy and Soul-momma". Being secular sorts we didn't have any church ceremony and think of these roles as more "adult guide to elements of life" as opposed to "gardian on the road to god".
Monkey got some cool gifts and there was much laughter and enjoyment.
This weekend we go to Ottowa to visit the grandparents. I have been informed that there will be a second birthday celebration then as well. Truley they spoil us all. I must not forget the apple butter which, I have been told, is second only to fudge on the list of great loves of J's dad.
Well time to go. things to go. maybe more later.
yes. perhaps.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I have so much snot in my head that it is stalling my thoughts.
However, we are having a rainy day bbq and I hope it will be fun. Then...then I will nap. Yes...napping....mmm.