Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am Dancing with Glee

A minus. Actually two A minuses. In one class I was one of only four students to get such a high grade. Yay me!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Let's see.
Finished the fall semester- pretty sure I got quite good grades.
New car! - Honda Hybrid. Ssssoooooooooo lucky.
Did makeup on a student/indie/no budget short film- Was reminded why I don't work for free any more.
Been spinning wool - One of the most centering things I have done in a long time.
Knitting secret socks for Oli - After reneging on a knitted xmas gift 2 years ago (still not finished) I am not telling him about these puppies until they are complete.
Making deep and tender connections with far flung friends - love has no long distance charges and e-mail rocks.
Solstice dinner was moose meat fondue with sake, mandarin oranges and ginger cookies - Good way to spend the longest night while watching 25 cm of snow come down.

That's the Coles Notes catch up.

To come:
Indie film wrap party - will bring cookies and not stay long.
Physio is really helping solve my jaw problem saga- That is a blog entry all on it's own
Xmas with a small collection of family - rib roast, roast veggies, ginger beer and laughter.
New Years - having a small group of good freinds over to play board games and more laughing is on the menu.
Then school starts up again on January 5th.

Feeling good about life. Hope you are too.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

'tis the season

The term "ginger-goon" started among my friends way back. I don't know who coined it but it doesn't matter much. The term was inspired by Calvin and Hobbes and the snow-goons which are mutant wrong-looking (or wrong acting) snowmen. One friend in particular was fond of ginger bread but not fond of gingerbread men in a traditional sense so began to make strange gingerbread figures. I think it started with gingerbread men with nooses and gingerbread women with alarmingly large bosoms. And we all just ran with it. There were ginger cragen, ginger saphic love bunnies, gingerbread persons with two heads. Gone were the days of quaint ginger bread stars, x-mas trees and men with all eyes and legs where they are expected to be. We had crossed over and there was no going back. Just look. This year, in my stayed old age, I created cookies with cookie cutters only and look what happened!The damage is done. I was never normal to begin with but now I can't even pretend.
I suggest all of you create unconventional holiday things this year. See what happens.