Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saudade: a Portuguese word describing deep longing for a person or thing gone or unattainable

There is a place in me,
a pocket big enough for a mouse,
a soft and safe place
that time and law do not touch.
I will meet you there.
We will have to leave a lot behind
to shrink down enough to fit.
We will leave behind
      everything sharp
      everything broken
      everything stolen
We will only carry with us
      the softness of seed fluff
      the roundness of ripe fruit
      the smoothness of river stones.
And in that pocket we will be so naked
not even our skin will separate us.
We will sleep and dream peacefully
Until the world and we ourselves are calm.

Another excerpt from the book Saudade, by Celia Ste Croix and Kreddible Trout
All rights to the above poem and image reserved.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

A teaser from Saudade

Love is like honey
It is made to nourish
It cannot be owned or bartered
It just is
And it exists to bring fullness to life

It is rich
And thick
And clings to everything it touches

It is meant to stay
It is meant to become part of everything it comes in contact with

Love is the glue
The food
And the decadent treat
That this life offers

If there is a heaven
It smells, tastes, and feels
Like honey

The first poem and image in the book Saudade, a collection of poetry and photos by Celia Ste Croix and Kreddible Trout, available very, very soon.
All rights to the above image and poem reserved.