Friday, November 13, 2009

A Precious Quiet Morning

Monkey and I woke up slowly today. There was no rushing off to the daycare, no insistence on going up to watch cartoons, nothing but lazing gently in bed, telling stories about the dreams of the night before and playing hide and seek in the blankets. She brushed my hair and asked me the names of things in French.
"Mommy? What is tickle in French?"
"Chatouiller." (pronounced sha-too-ee)
"Mommy? What is mouse in French?"
"Souris." (soo-ree)
I snuggled her as she pretended to be a baby, all curled up and squishy-smile-faced. I woke up slowly and she let me. It was just like in those short-lived old days before school and daycare and this busy, busy life ran the show.
Of course, we were still up by 8:30 but these days that's a luxury.

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