Monday, June 07, 2010

New Original Knitting Pattern

Friar Tuck found himself with idle hands while thinking up new recipes for venison or hare and turning a blind eye to the flagrant breaking of the commandment "thou shalt not steal." So he knit up one of these for each of the green clad gents. Robin Hood and his Merry Men had to endure more than a few damp nights in Sherwood Forest and verily were grateful for the garment.

This is what can happen when MyDear says "wouldn't it be cool if..."

A medieval style men’s hooded garment inspired by Robin Hood. It uses seed stitch, shoulder shaping and short rows.

A great big thank you to Molly Anne Rothchilde @ Ariadne Knits who helped make the idea a reality.

If you want to see other pictures and/or buy the pattern to knit for yourself or a fella you like click here.

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