Thursday, February 26, 2015

The book is almost here!

I meant to be keeping regular updates on this project but it just didn't happen. I could go into details but that would just be a bunch of excuses so let's just start here at this exciting juncture.
This is the cover of the upcoming book of poetry and photographs called "Saudade." It is a collaboration between me and my long time friend Kreddible Trout AKA William Foley. He is a very talented photographer, as well as an actor, writer and general artist of heart and soul. KT graciously accepted to come in on this project despite the challenges of living in different cities, having busy lives and my stubborn request that he masterfully match his evocative images to my already written poems.
The title is a Portuguese word which has no direct translation in English. It describes a deep longing for someone or something which is either gone or unattainable. The word fits with the general theme of the book which explores feelings of love and longing.
KT and I are waiting on the proof copy to arrive to ensure we have no glaring edits to revise but once that is approved the book will be available for sale. I will update here as things progress. Barring any major roadblocks, I expect the book to be available for purchase by late March. In a future post I will talk more about the ways it can be acquired as well as note any developments such as a facebook page for the book etc.
When looking through the finished product I find the collection has a kind of dream-like feel to it, like slipping in and out of sleep in the hours before dawn, never sure if the thoughts and images are real or imagined.
It is the first published collection for both KT and me. As with all new adventures, I am both nervous and excited.
To see more of KT's inspiring images, check out his website
You can also like him on facebook.

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